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Manufacture of dies, mechanical equipment and high precision gauges made of steel and carbide


Officine Meccaniche Pontillo has been working in precision components for 36 years, specializing in the manufacture of PM Tooling, mechanical equipment and high precision gauges



The control of all manufacturing phases allows the company to meet the most stringent quality standards and provide components meeting certified quality standards.



The company dedicates significant  investment in scientific research and the development of emerging technologies managed with the assistance of many Italian universities.


State of the art technology in every department.

The high quality achieved by the components made by Officine Meccaniche Pontillo is possible thanks to the knowledge of production processes, staff training and material choice, as well as the use of the best numerical control equipment and software applications that the market currently offers.

It supports a policy of steady investments in highly innovative manufacturing and technologies.

PM Tooling and high-precision industrial components

Officine Meccaniche Pontillo has as its main product the design and production of components made by high precision mechanical machining. In particular, the company is highly specialized in the production of tooling for the manufacture of powder metal components.

The main features of these tools are high precision, strength and toughness, characteristics essential for use in the powder metallurgy industry.

Powder metallurgy applications are countless, but many PM  parts are used by the automotive industry for the production of gears, connecting rods, sprockets, synchronizer rings and synchronizing hubs, and many other engine and transmission

The company also specializes in the production of prototype parts and precision mechanical systems.

60% of the Pontillo components produced are exported abroad

Thanks to the dedication of the Pontillo team and to the application of all the company components, Pontillo has gained a central position in the supply of precision PM tooling for the domestic and foreign powder metallurgy industry, accounting for 60% of Pontillo tooling shipping to foreign customers.


Within the high technology manufacturing sector, Officine Meccaniche Pontillo is one of the world’s leading producers, supplying some of the most important companies in the Powder Metal Industry.


Total support for our customers

Officine Meccaniche Pontillo supplies tool design and PM part production support to its customers from the tool design phase to finished part machine assembly.