Antonio Pontillo

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"The guarantee of high quality in the shortest time

Manufacture of dies, mechanical equipment and high precision gauges made of steel and carbide


With over 40 years of experience, the company excels in creating high-precision products. It is known for customized solutions that meet the needs of an ever-evolving market.


Meticulous control of all production phases enables the company to adhere to the most stringent quality standards and to guarantee the supply of certified quality components.


The company places significant emphasis on investments in scientific research and precompetitive development, conducted internally and in collaboration with Italian universities.

The state of the art of technology in every company department

The high quality of the products made by Pontillo Officine Meccaniche is the result of advanced know-how, which includes knowledge of production processes, staff training, and careful selection of materials, in addition to the use of the best numerical control machinery and application software currently available on the market.

Pontillo Officine Meccaniche advocates a policy of continual investment in highly innovative plants and technologies.

High-precision industrial molds and tools

Pontillo Officine Meccaniche emerges as a market leader in the production and trade of high-quality components made through precision mechanical processing. The company’s flagship product is the creation of sophisticated molds for the production of sintered components. In this specific sector, Pontillo holds an advanced specialization, recognized for continuous innovation and the ability to meet complex technical requirements.

The main characteristics of the molds produced by Officine Meccaniche Pontillo include exceptional precision, considerable strength, and great toughness. These qualities are essential to ensure the effectiveness and durability of components in the demanding sector of powder metallurgy, also known as Powder Metallurgy. The company constantly strives to improve its technologies and methodologies to maintain and exceed industry standards, reaffirming its commitment to excellence and reliability.

Total customer support

Pontillo Officine Meccaniche offers its customers complete support, from design and production consulting, from the planning phase through to the final assembly of the machines.